CutKit protects from cutting

Cutting, chopping, shearing already without worry whether you're working with a knife, scissors, sharp object

CutKit highest level of protection from cuts and cuttingn

The glove with which cutting, scraping and pushed are without fear

logo-_present_cutkit-2_350pxprotects you from sharp knives flawlessly

Protection against cutting with the sharpened knives
Protection against the sharpest planes
Protection against cuts
Protection against the sharpest planes
  • 14_cutkitThe highest degree of protection (EN388 Level 5) of cut and cut with a knife or sharp objects. Material 4x stronger than cowhide. Great traction and grip with a snug fit for small and large hands - cooking or for people who work in jobs requiring precision and dexterity - light and comfortable protection they offer. Ideal for cutting, peeling, scraping or any other activity in the kitchen or requiring sharp and cutting objects. 100% safe for food and 100% suitable for machine washing - your glove CutKit is always ready for use.

CutKit предпазва от стъклаCutKit protective and resistant glove allows you to deal with your planer knives, and mandolin, without worrying without worrying to suffer ... or to go to the emergency room. Made from fabrics 100% compatible with food - safe polyethylene ultra high molecular weight glass fiber and Lycra glove that is designed to withstand even the sharpest knives. You can feel secure in knowing that they have EN388 Level 5 rating protection from shearing. Your CutKit glove will reduce incidents you in your kitchen to 0.

С CutKit вие режете много по-бързо и увереноWhy cut slowly and carefully, so as not to cut? With the glove CutKit not sure whether or not, because it protects you 100%. Therefore CutKit resistant glove in 4 different sizes - small, medium, large and very large to ensure a snug fit for every hand. Elastic material in your glove CutKit makes maintaining a firm grip ease even in awkward positions. You will be able to complete tasks more quickly and accurately, avoiding nicks and cuts.


Sizes S, M, L, XL: Price 9.75 euro
Delivery to EU: 4 euro

Sizes S, M, L, XL: Price 9.75 euro
Delivery to EU: 4 euro

I'm really impressed by the glove CutKit. Grip is great, and the security that gives me is incomparable. And only cost 13.95 euro.. !!!!
Great product! Already mandatory in our kitchen
R. DunevChef
Irreplaceable is this glove. Since we bought have no cuts in the kitchen and my pleasure to cut faster